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What is Tailwind-Live ?

Tailwind-Live is a live Linux distribution based on Debian-Linux ( ) 'squeeze' originally built using the Debian Live-Helper tool-set.

Unfortunately there has been some divergence away from the Live-Helper methods in 2010 - but the spirit is still there!


To provide a Linux Distro that supports Pushbutton Linux that is easy to install and update in the field.

Tell me more about Tailwind-Live ...

There is alot more to say about Tailwind-Live .. so it's best just to go to the Tailwind-Live Manual that comes with the Tailwind-Live DVD.

Downloading Tailwind-Live ...

You can't download a Tailwind-live ISO directly, but you can download Tailwind-Live Maker that can make a Tailwind-Live ISO in about an hour.

What is Tailwind-Live Maker?

Tailwind-Live Maker is a 80Meg ISO that can be used to make a 950Meg Tailwind-Live ISO. All you need is a hard disk with a minimum of 7Gig of free space that is either a Linux (ext2/3) or Fat32 partition.

Generally USB external drives are formatted as Fat32. Tailwind-Live Maker can build a Tailwind-Live ISO in about an hour on such a drive [AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+].

To read more about Tailwind-Live Maker .. and to download it .. go to the Tailwind-Live Maker page.

Downloading Tailwind-Live Maker ...

Tailwind-Live Maker

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